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Zombie Supplies - Kitchen : Cookbooks

Advanced Bread and Pastry (Hardcover)

Advanced Bread and Pastry 1st (first) edition Text Only

 Alimentacion y gastronomia/ Nutrition and Gastronomy (Patrimonios/ Patrimony) (Spanish Edition)

Betty Crocker's Best-Loved Recipes

Betty Crocker's Diabetes Cookbook 1st (first) edition Text Only

Bolivian Food Andean Flavor; Sabor Andino Comida Boliviana

In English and Spanish text, Bolivian Food: Andean Flavor is a complete summary of the wide and varied character of Bolivian cooking, although some changes are introduced to update it and make it more practical. You will find here a wide range of recipes from the typical Picante de pollo (spicy chicken) to the delicious Saltena (spicy turnover) and a variety of other turnovers, homemade breads, and pastries. With color photos and detailed descriptions, this is an excellent cookbook for those interested in the cooking of Bolivia and the Andean region.
Chocolates and Confections at Home with The Culinary Institute of America (Hardcover)

 Cocina peruana pescados y mariscos/ Peruvian Fish and Seafood Recipes (Recetario De Cocina Peruana/ Peruvian Recipe Book) (Spanish Edition)

Coffee Encounters

Welcome to the world of coffee! Enjoy the jourmey as we visit farms all over the world to meet the farmers who work day in day out to make our daily cup of coffee possible. Coffee Encounters will take you on a coffee journey throught the most exotic coffee farming regions throughout Latin America and Indonesia, whilst visiting Italy along the way. Meet some of the most charismatic passionate and innovative people in the world and you will be amazed to learn just how much goes into that little cup of coffee that you enjoy each morning. Learn to love your coffee for all the right reasons.
Colesterol y dieta/ Cholesterol and diet (Autoayuda) (Spanish Edition)

Rare book: Price in USD
 Desde los andes al mundo, sabor y saber / From the Andes to the World: Primer Congreso Para La Preservacion Y Difusion De Las Cocinas Regionales De Los Paises Andinos (Spanish Edition)

Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls 1st (first) edition Text Only

Hasty Tasty Meals in an RV

Hasty Tasty Meals in the RV is the second of Cheryl Norman's cook books. She gives detailed suggestions for setting up a kitchen effeciently in a motor home. The book, also, contains very good and healthy recipes and targets cooking in a small kitchen area. It is an excellant cookbook
karibic bar. Mixen mit CD. Cocktails, Snacks und Sound

Nick Stellino's Glorious Italian Cooking

The host of PBS-television's <i>Cucina Amore </i>presents a new selection of 155 recipes, along with menus, wine suggestions, and cooking and serving tips, representing the best in authentic Italian cuisine. TV tie-in.
Pork, Beef, Mutton

Quique Dacosta (Spanish Edition)

Seasons of Louisiana

Seasons of Louisiana is Chef Peter Sclafani's debut cookbook. Many people joke that Louisiana only has two seasons. However, Chef Peter begs to differ. Though Louisiana's weather may not be the draw of the south, there's no debate that our food is the draw. When it comes to a meal, the "seasons" of Louisiana are plentiful. When you think about it, nothing says it's football season like a pot of jambalaya. Nothing screams crawfish season like a roaring pot boiling with friends and family gathered in the backyard... And there's nothing like a cold batch of marinated crab claws to refresh your soul on a hot summer day. In this book, learn the philosophy that drives Chef Peter's restaurants: Serve great food from local producers that tells an amazing story. After all, it's not just the food that brings us together and creates wonderful memories. It's the stories. Seasons of Louisiana features nine "seasons:" Crawfish, Shrimp, Oyster, Crab, Creole Tomato, Fishing, Hunting, Tailgating, and Holiday Season with over 75 recipes
Smokin' with Myron Mixon: Recipes Made Simple, from the Winningest Man in Barbecue Winningest Man in Barbecue

The Art of Healthy Eating - Savory

Choosing a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to mean a lifetime of deprivation. This book is filled with mouth-watering foods and nutrition facts that demonstrate how eating healthy can be an expression of art. Included are recipes for your favorite comfort foods like pasta, lasagna, risotto, calzones, sushi, clam chowder in a bread bowl, baked brie, chicken pot pie, chili cheese "fries", tomato basil sandwich wraps, pizza, tortillas, and many more. There are also lots of valuable tips and tricks to help one along the journey of learning how to eat as an art.
The Big Book of Juices & Smoothies: 365 Natural Blends for Health & Vitality Every Day -- 2006 publication

The Book of Blessings

Over ninety old-fashioned, handcrafted recipes spanning over three generations of family cooks. Recipes are complied in a three ring binder for easy removal and a quick clean for the messiest of cooks.
The Dukan Diet Recipe Book Pierre Dukan Collection Set Brand NEW

The Dukan Diet Collection 2 Books Set Titles in This Set The Dukan Diet, The Dukan Diet Recipe Book
The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century [Hardcover]

The Low Fodmap Cookbook

Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects 1 in 7 adults. There are many dietary triggers associated with IBS, including a group of sugars called FODMAPs. The low FODMAP cookbook brings a new collection of over 75 recipes into the kitchens of people who will benefit from a reduction of FODMAPS in their diet. From breakfast to dinner, dessert and baked goods, all recipes have been reviewed by Dr. Jane Muir of the Eastern Health Clinical School at Monash University. 10% of profits from the sale of The low FODMAP cookbook will be donated to research funding at the Eastern Health Clinical School at Monash University.
The Oxford Companion to Wine, 3rd Edition [Hardcover]

The Simply Real Health Cookbook: Easy Real Food Recipes for a Healthy Life, Made Simple

BRAND NEW! The first hardcover cookbook by Sarah Adler, the creator of www.simplyrealhealth.com has just been released this Spring! Get your limited edition signed copy and 150 easy real-food and 100% naturally gluten-free recipes, all created for a healthy life made simple. Each recipe in this book is complete with stunning photography, easier ways to eat vegetables and love every bite, and creative tips for any level of home-cook looking to eat healthier as a lifestyle.
The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious - and Perplexing - City [Paperback]

The Wines of Burgundy

Frequent new editions, regularly up-dated, mean that users can count on information of a completeness and accuracy not equalled in any other work of this kind. Burgundian owner-growers and négociant-éleveurs alike recommend it as the BEST possible guide to its subject. As an initiation into wine-growing and wine-making Burgundy, and as a reference source, the manual can be consulted any time, anywhere: in the office, while traveling, in the wine-cellar or in the vineyard. Now in COLOR, the new edition of Wines of Burgundy is an indispensable reference work for amateur, student, and professionals alike.
[1996 Paperback] Hank Herman (Author) Monster Jam (Super Hoops) [1996 Paperback] Hank Herman (Author) Monster Jam (Super Hoops) [1996 Paperback]

Cooking in the Deep-South with Chef Bob

Brand: 1st Book Library   
Rachael's Made Real Recipes

Brand: 2 Moon Press   
Rachael's innovative and tested low carb recipes are destined to please any finicky food lover. Rachael's Made Real Recipes is a cookbook designed for healthy eating with easy preparations. The comforting dishes will help you stay on track with your new lifestyle while entertaining for a crowd, cooking for your family or stashing away a few dishes in the freezer for yourself. From Chili to Lemon Cheesecake to Cabbage Soup. Rachael's recipes cover the gambit of tasty cooking. Colorfully illustrated, kitchen tested and husband approved.
50 Carbs

Brand: 50 Carbs   
José Quintana realized he needed to take control of his diet if he wanted to fight back against his diabetes and obesity. 50 Carbs tells of his journey from teen-aged musician in his native Mexico, through his long and rewarding career in the world of Latin Music. His ongoing passion for flavorful, exciting foods led him to some poor eating habits. He decided to take charge of his health and developed a plan that helped him lose weight while still enjoying the foods and flavors he loved. 50 Carbs shares his successes, and provides practical, measurable strategies that can help others struggling with these same issues.
Julia Child's Kitchen Wisdom

Brand: A La Carte Productions   
A Spicy Touch Volume II - Contemporary Indian, African, & Middle Eastern Cuisine

Brand: A Spicy Touch Publishing Inc.   
A Spicy Touch Volume II, builds on the success and great popularity of the first volume. In addition to the delicious dishes from Northern India that evolved through African, Arabic, and North American influences, A Spicy Touch Volume II features the best of contemporary recipes from Africa, the Middle East and the Orient. It is an international, cultural treasury of rish and subtle flavours. A Spicy Touch Volume II will help you expand your culinary horizons and enjoy the marvellous cuisines and traditions of India, Africa, the Middle East and the Orient.
Vegetarian Recipes from South India - Like Mother Makes

Brand: Aaranya Publishers   
Street Food around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

Brand: ABC-CLIO   
<p>Street foods run deep throughout human history and show the movements of peoples and their foods across the globe. For example, mandoo, manti, momo, and bāozi: all of these types of dumplings originated in Central Asia and spread across the Old World beginning in the 12th century. This encyclopedia surveys common street foods in about 100 countries and regions of the world, clearly depicting how "fast foods of the common people" fit into a country or a region's environments, cultural history, and economy. The entries provide engaging information about specific foods as well as coverage of vendor and food stall culture and issues. An appendix of recipes allows for hands-on learning and provides opportunities for readers to taste international street foods at home.</p>
Sweet Treats around the World: An Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

Brand: ABC-CLIO   
<p>Few things represent a culture as well as food. Because sweets are universal foods, they are the perfect basis for a comparative study of the intersection of history, geography, social class, religion, politics, and other key aspects of life. With that in mind, this encyclopedia surveys nearly 100 countries, examining their characteristic sweet treats from an anthropological perspective. It offers historical context on what sweets are popular where and why and emphasizes the cross-cultural insights those sweets present. </p><p></p><p>The reference opens with an overview of general trends in desserts and sweet treats. Entries organized by country and region describe cultural attributes of local desserts, how and when sweets are enjoyed, and any ingredients that are iconic. Several popular desserts are discussed within each entry including information on their history, their importance, and regional/cultural variations on preparation. An appendix of recipes provides instructions on how to make many of the dishes, whether for school projects or general entertaining.</p>
They Eat That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Weird and Exotic Food from around the World

Brand: ABC-CLIO   
<p>The title <i>They Eat That?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Weird and Exotic Food from around the World</i> says it all. This fun encyclopedia, organized A–Z, describes and offers cultural context for foodstuffs people eat today that might be described as "weird"—at least to the American palate. Entries also include American regional standards, such as scrapple and chitterlings, that other regions might find distasteful, as well as a few mainstream American foods, like honey, that are equally odd when one considers their derivation. </p><p></p><p>A long narrative entry on insects, for example, discusses the fact that insects are enjoyed as a regular part of the diet in some Asian, South and Central American, and African countries. It then looks at the kinds of insects eaten, where and how they are eaten, cultural uses, nutrition, and preparation. Each of the encyclopedia's 100 entries includes a representative recipe or, for a food already prepared like maggoty cheese, describes how it is eaten. Each entry ends with suggested readings.</p>
The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch

Brand: Abrams Image   
Americans love their breakfast cereal, which is second only to milk and soda in supermarket spending. Cereals and their cartoon spokescharacters are some of the most enduring pop-culture icons of the 20th century. <i>The Great American Cereal Book </i>is the definitive compendium of breakfast cereal history and lore, celebrating the most recognizable brands and packaging, such as Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Flakes, Grape-Nuts, and Trix. Award-winning writer Marty Gitlin and co-author Topher Ellis provide behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of these iconic kitchen-table companions, with 350 images of cereal boxes, vintage ads, and rare memorabilia.<br><br>Praise for <i>The Great American Cereal Book</i>:<br><br> "Instantly evokes feelings of childhood--watching Saturday-morning cartoons and being bombarded with commercials for sweet cereals with colorful mascots like Toucan Sam and Tony the Tiger." --<i>TMagazine.Blogs.NYTimes.com</em><br > <br>"While many of us have ditched the cereals of our youths (in all their freeze-dried marshmallowy glory) in favor of flax seed (boring!), the eye-popping colors and kooky designs on the cereal boxes of our childhoods still have a pull, which is why we're loving <span>The Great American Cereal Book</span>. -- <em>Oprah.com</i><br>If you're a cereal lover, you'll enjoy poring through Marty Gitlin and Topher Ellis' <em>The Great American Cereal Book: How Breakfast Got Its Crunch</em> (Abrams Image). Full of factoids and countless cereal boxes from days of yore, Gitlin and Ellis trace the history of this most iconic of American breakfast dishes. It's a lot of fun to look at how cereal packaging has changed over the decades, and for anyone a little bit nostalgic, it's the perfect venue for a walk down memory lane. -- <i>epicurious.com</i><br>"A crisply colorful history of a favorite kids' food that became a pop culture icon." --<i>Tampa Bay Times</i><br> <br>"Whether you're a food history buff, package-design geek, or just an enthusiastic consumer of the country's favorite morning bowl, these pages provide enough--ahem--snap, crackle, and pop to keep everyone happy."<i> </i>--<i>Real Eats</i> magazine
Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef By Gabrielle Hamilton(A)/Gabrielle Hamilton(N) [Audiobook]

Brand: Abridged Audiobook   
A Slice of Cherry Pie by Parsons, Julia published by Absolute Press (2010)

Brand: Absolute Press   
Authentic Vietnamese Cooking: Food from a Family Table

Brand: Absolute Press   
Refined, subtle, challenging, and accessible all at the same time, the food of Vietnam was the first true fusion cuisine, blending the techniques and ingredients of French and Chinese culinary traditions. In "Authentic Vietnamese Cooking," culinary writer and consultant Corinne Trang introduces you to the pleasures of regional Vietnamese cooking. Born in France's Loire Valley to a French mother and Cambodian-born Chinese father, and raised in Phnom Penh, Paris, and New York, Trang shares more than 100 delicious, authentic Vietnamese recipes designed especially for the home cook. In this beautiful volume, the complicated processes of assimilation, adaptation, and evolution have been distilled into magnificent dishes that represent the three distinct culinary regions of Vietnam: the Simple North, the Sophisticated Center, and the Spicy South. There are recipes for family meals and special occasions, sauces, marinades, flavored oils, soups, noodle dishes, and more. Trang translates the complex flavors of Vietnamese cuisine into easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes, so even inexperienced cooks can create such classic dishes as "Cha Gio" (Spring Rolls), "Sup Cua Mang Tay" (Crab and Asparagus Soup), "Pho Bo" (Hanoi Beef and Rice Noodle Soup), "Tom Nuong Xa" (Grilled Lemongrass Prawns), "Ga Nuong Toi" (Garlic-Roasted Baby Chicken), and "Banh Gan" (Coconut Creme Caramel). Enhanced by stunning photographs, "Authentic Vietnamese Cooking" also includes sections on essential ingredients, equipment, and techniques; sample seasonal menus: and a list of mail-order sources and Web sites for securing hard-to-find items. Rich with historical, cultural, and personal anecdotes,"Authentic Vietnamese Cooking" brings the experience and pleasures of Corinne Trang's family table to yours.
Divine: Heavenly Chocolate Recipes with a Heart

Brand: Absolute Press   
Rasoi New Indian Kitchen by Bhatia, Vineet (2009)

Brand: Absolute Press   

Brand: Absolute Press   
<p>sketch is a unique meeting place in the center of London created by Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire. The converted 18th-century building in Mayfair is an opulent, zany maze with treasures to be discovered in every room. A mad hatter's fantasy comes alive in the enchanted woodland Glade tearoom. Eccentric tasty tricks abound in the Parlour patisserie. Eat your fill of gorgeous flavors in the Gallery bistro art installation. Chic pre-dinner cocktails in the urbane East Bar prepare you for the Michelin magic unleashed in the vibrant Lecture Room & Library. Whether you want a tearoom, bistro, restaurant, bar, or nightclub, sketch has the best to offer. Now these myriad food, drink and entertainment styles are captured in a book--the phantasmagoric compendium of all things sketch.</p><p>Unique cuisine is at its heart. World-renowned three-Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire showcases the best 85 recipes from sketch's kaleidoscopic menus. Interlaced throughout are artistic interpretations of the recipes, contributed by an array of people involed in all elements of sketch, ultimately creating a sensual feast in a book.</p><p>Photography by Jean Cazals.</p>
Anahid's Gourmet Cookbook

Brand: Academia International   
 Brewing Science (Food Science & Technology International)

Brand: Academic Pr   
ADVANCES IN FOOD RESEARCH VOLUME 29, Volume 29 (Advances in Food and Nutrition Research)

Brand: Academic Press   
Beer: A Quality Perspective (Handbook of Alcoholic Beverages)

Brand: Academic Press   
Brewing is humankind’s oldest biotechnology. Over the course of the past 125 years a wealth of research has been devoted to the topic of beer and the processes through which it is produced, namely malting and brewing. Because of this, beer is a highly consistent product and much is known about its quality attributes and how they can be delivered to delight the consumer. This book details, with extensive referencing, the research that has been devoted to the range of quality attributes of beer. It is the first book to approach beer in this way and comprises an essential reference for anyone seeking an authoritative account of the science of beer appearance, flavor, stability and wholesomeness. <br><br>* The only detailed book that specifically addresses the science of beer quality<br>* Addresses the various impacts on and perception of beer quality<br>* Includes expert insights based on real-world experience

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