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Zombie Supplies - Kitchen : Cookbooks

Advanced Bread and Pastry (Hardcover)

Barbacoa/ Barbecue (El Arte De Vivir/ the Art of Living) (Spanish Edition)

Rare book: Price in USD

The second book by the Alajmo Brothers -Color photos-beautiful book-ENGLISH EDITION!!!!!!
French Classics Made Easy [Hardcover]

 Gane Dinero, Organizando Fiestas/ Earn Money, Organizing Parties (Spanish Edition)

Graham Kerr's Creative Choices Cookbook (Hardcover)

Hardcover with dust jacket.
Nick Stellino's Glorious Italian Cooking

Known for his "trademark exuberance" (<i>Publishers Weekly</i>), Nick Stellino has captivated public television viewers and authored several acclaimed cookbooks. Now <i>Nick Stellino's Glorious Italian Cooking</i> offers recipes for such dishes as: <br><br> Crostini * Artichoke Saute * Marinated Fruit Salad * Chicken with Orange Cream Sauce * Potato Pizza * Apricot Chicken * Risotto with Four Cheeses * Uncle Gaetano's Caesar Salad * Vegetarian Stuffing * Pasta Alla Vodka * Raspberry Tiramisu * and more <br><br> This cookbook helps even the novice cook prepare authentic Italian cuisine of unsurpassed quality. With personal stories and valuable cooking and serving tips, Nick Stellino celebrates his love for family and friends, for a heritage rich in tradition, for the romance of Italy, and for the bounties of the table.

Peace, Love, and Barbecue: Recipes, Secrets, Tall Tales, and Outright Lies from the Legends of Barbecue

<p>A one-of-a-kind collection of recipes, photographs, and behind-the-scenes stories from legendary pitmaster Mike Mills.</p><p>In <i>Peace, Love, & Barbecue</i> - a unique combination of cookbook, memoir, and travelogue - Mike Mills, the unrivalled king of barbecue, shares his passion for America's favorite cuisine--its intense smoky flavors, its lore and traditions, and its wild cast of characters.</p><p>Through conversational anecdotes and black-and-white photographs, readers meet a diverse circle of colleagues and friends and join Mills in a behind-the-scenes tour of the barbecue contest circuit, with stops at some of the best "shrines, shacks, joints, and right-respectable restaurants."</p><p>Also included are prizewinning recipes that have earned Mills his fame and fortune as a barbecue maestro. These 100 recipes will enable anyone with a grill to achieve champion barbecue flavor right in their own backyard. The selection features Mills' own secret concoctions and treasured family recipes as well as choice contributions from his pitmaster friends, and it covers all manner of barbecued meat and fish, sauces and dry rubs, as well as the sides, soups, and down-home sweets that complete any great barbecue feast.</p><p>With its folksy, fun-loving tone and its unique insider's take on a hugely popular--and deeply American--subject, this volume will appeal to barbecue lovers, food mavens, and cooks of all stripes.</p>
Picnics of Provence: French Country-Style Picnics to Enjoy at Home or Abroad (Hardcover)

Tapas Deck: 50 Little Dishes that Capture the Essence of Spanish Cooking (Cards)

The Simply Real Health Cookbook: Easy Real Food Recipes For a Healthy Life, Made Simple

BRAND NEW! The first hardcover cookbook by Sarah Adler, the creator of www.simplyrealhealth.com has just been released! Get your limited edition copy and 150 easy real-food and 100% naturally gluten-free recipes, all created for a healthy life made simple. Each recipe in this book is complete with stunning photography, easier ways to eat vegetables and love every bite, and creative tips for any level of home-cook looking to eat healthier as a lifestyle.
The Vegan Scoop: 150 Recipes for Dairy-Free Ice Cream that Tastes Better Than the "Real" Thing (Paperback)

Flavors of India: Recipes from the Vegetarian Hindu Cuisine

Brand: 101 Productions   
20/20 Cookbooks Presents: 85 Fat-Burning Diet Meal Recipes to Help You Lose Weight Faster and Stay Full Longer

Brand: 20/20 Cookbooks   
<p>Enjoy 85 tasty, healthy meals featuring foods that fill you up and burn more fat, calorie-for-calorie, than other ingredients! 20/20 Cookbooks’ original collection of fat-burning diet recipes features:</p> <p>* Nuts like Almonds, Pistachios, & Walnuts</p> <p>* Healthy Proteins like Eggs, Yogurt, Whey & Poultry</p> <p>* Fresh Fruits like Apples</p> <p>* Leafy Greens & Other Vegetables</p> <p>* Whole Grains like Rye and Oat</p> <p>* Olive & Coconut Oil</p> <p>* Dried Fruits like Raisins</p> <p>* Fish like Cod & Other Seafood</p> <p>* Legumes like Chickpeas, Beans, Lentils, & Peanuts</p> <p>All of the recipe ingredients can be found at your local supermarket, and there’s no need to buy organic or premium brand foods unless you want to.</p> <p>At 20/20 Cookbooks, we envision a world where eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, expensive, tasteless or difficult. Our FoodSight is always 20/20 ;-) </p>
Cultured: Make Healthy Fermented Foods at Home!

Brand: A Better Life Press   
<p><strong>We've Gathered Over 70+ Cultured Food Recipes from the Experts So You Can Learn to Make Your Own Fermented Foods at Home - Cheap!</strong></p> <p>Here are just some of the recipes that you'll learn to make when you get a copy of "Cultured":</p> <p> - Sauerkraut<br /> - Applekraut<br /> - Kimchi<br /> - Pickles<br /> - Coconut, water, and dairy based kefirs<br /> - Almond, coconut and dairy based yogurts<br /> - Vegan and non-vegan cheeses and sour cream.<br /> - Miso - Soy and Non-Soy<br /> - Tempeh - Soy and Non-Soy<br /> - Rejuvelac<br /> - Chichas<br /> - Kvass<br /> - Mead<br /> - Gluten-free teff and lentil breads<br /> - Popsicles!<br /> - And more...</p> <p>Your home will literally turn into a commercial kitchen with things fermenting all the time!</p> <p><strong>Inside the book, there's also a complete 40+ page detailed section that explains...</strong></p> <p>- How to make your fermented foods at home taste just as good as ones you'd find in the store - or better!</p> <p>- The proven science that demonstrates why you'd want to eat fermented foods regularly.</p> <p>- Why fermented foods are great for proper immune system function and why eating them can help you still healthy - when everyone else is getting sick!</p> <p>- How fermented foods reduce this specific marker for heart disease (and other illnesses too!)</p> <p>- How you can quickly eliminate chronic gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea in days.</p> <p>- Why fermented foods are awesome for improving skin issues like acne and rashes.</p> <p>- The link between cultured foods and allergies and how they can help improve your symptoms like itchy eyes, sneezing, snuffy nose and more.</p> <p>- What's better: Fermented foods or probiotics?</p> <p>- If dairy foods like yogurt or kefir are bad for you or not.</p> <p>- How to know if your finished product is safe to eat (it's real easy!)</p> <p>- If bacteria make it past the stomach alive (hint: some do, some don't...)</p> <p>- And much more!</p> <p>This is on top of the 70+ recipes that we've gathered that include cultured vegetables, sauerkraut, yogurts*, kefirs*, kombucha, kimchi, kvass, mead, chichas, pickles, gluten-free fermented breads, and more. (*vegan and non-vegan) </p>
 The empty cupboard cookbook

Brand: A. S. Barnes   
Keiller's of Dundee: The Rise of the Marmalade Dynasty 1800-1879 (Abertay Historical Society Publication)

Brand: Abertay Historical Society   
Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking

Brand: Abrams   
<div><B>The debut cookbook from Jessica Koslow, award-winning chef of LA’s popular restaurant Sqirl, featuring more than 100 fresh, market-driven, healthy, and flavorful recipes.</B><BR>  <BR> Jessica Koslow and her restaurant, Sqirl, are at the forefront of the California cooking renaissance, which is all about food that surprises us and engages all of our senses—it looks good, tastes vibrant, and feels fortifying yet refreshing. In <I>Everything I Want to Eat</I>, Koslow shares 100 of her favorite recipes for health-conscious but delicious dishes, all of which always use real foods—no fake meat or fake sugar here—that also happen to be suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or whomever you’re sharing your meal with.<BR>  <BR> The book is organized into seven chapters, each featuring a collection of recipes centered on a key ingredient or theme. Expect to find recipes for dishes Sqirl has become known for, as well as brand-new seasonal flavor combinations, including:<BR>  <BR><ul><li>Raspberry and vanilla bean jam</li><li>Sorrel-pesto rice bowl</li><li>Burnt brioche toast with house ricotta and seasonal jam</li><li>Butternut squash latkes with crème fraîche and applesauce</li><li>Lamb <I>merguez</I>, cranberry beans, roasted tomato, and yogurt cheese</li><li>Valrhona chocolate <I>fleur de sel</I> cookies</li><li>Almond hazelnut milk</li></ul><BR> Koslow lives in LA, where everyone is known to be obsessively health-conscious and where dietary restrictions are the norm. People come into Sqirl and order dishes with all sorts of substitutions and modifications—hold the feta, please, add extra kale. They are looking to make their own healthy adventures. Others may tack breakfast sausage, cured bacon, or Olli’s prosciutto on to their order. So Koslow has had to constantly think about ways to modify dishes for certain diets, which in a way has made her a better, more adaptable cook.<BR>  <BR> Throughout this book, Koslow provides notes and thought bubbles that show how just about any dish can be modified for specific tastes and dietary needs, whether it needs to be gluten-free or vegan.<BR>  <BR> Everything I Want to Eat captures the excitement of the food at Sqirl—think of a classic BLT sandwich turned playful with the substitution of chicken skin “bacon”—while also offering accessible recipes, like tangerine and rosewater semolina cake, that can be easily made in the home kitchen. Moreover, it’s an entirely new kind of cookbook and approach to how we are all starting to think about food, allowing readers to play with the recipes, combining and shaping them to be nothing short of everything you want to eat.<BR>  <BR> Praise for Jessica Koslow and Sqirl:<BR>  <BR> “Koslow’s dishes managed to galvanize the very narrow crossover of food writers and L.A. salad obsessives. Turns out that in her hands, breakfast and lunch are what people want to eat all day long.” —Bon Appétit<BR>  <BR> “I would say that Koslow and I are culinary soul mates, but given the popularity of the place, it’s clear that I’m not the only one. This is food whose time has come.” —Mark Bittman<BR>  </div><BR>
Aga Roast (Aga and Range Cookbooks)

Brand: Absolute Press   
<DIV><DIV><B>Following on from the success of her brilliant <I>Aga Year </I>cookbook, Louise Walker tackles the favorite meal of Aga owners everywhere: the Sunday roast</B></DIV><DIV> </DIV><DIV>Lavish photography illustrates over 70 recipes for all things roasted. Drawing on inspiration from Britain and beyond, Louise Walker showcases a rich array of old and much-loved favorites, many with a satisfyingly delicious twist, alongside more exotic roasted dishes from Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. There are master classes on jointing, carving, and serving, as well as a wealth of stuffings and accompaniments. To round off the book, Louise includes some invaluable and timely ideas for what to do with your roasted leftovers. <I>Aga Roast </I>promises to be a stunning and significant addition to any Aga library.</DIV></DIV>
New Indian Cooking

Brand: Absolute Press   
Recipes from the world's leading chef at the Cinnamon Club.
Street Food from Around the World

Beer: A Quality Perspective (Handbook of Alcoholic Beverages)

Brand: Academic Press   
Brewing is humankind’s oldest biotechnology. Over the course of the past 125 years a wealth of research has been devoted to the topic of beer and the processes through which it is produced, namely malting and brewing. Because of this, beer is a highly consistent product and much is known about its quality attributes and how they can be delivered to delight the consumer. This book details, with extensive referencing, the research that has been devoted to the range of quality attributes of beer. It is the first book to approach beer in this way and comprises an essential reference for anyone seeking an authoritative account of the science of beer appearance, flavor, stability and wholesomeness. <br><br>* The only detailed book that specifically addresses the science of beer quality<br>* Addresses the various impacts on and perception of beer quality<br>* Includes expert insights based on real-world experience
Enological Chemistry

Brand: Academic Press   
<p><i>Enological Chemistry</i> is written for the professional enologist tasked with finding the right balance of compounds to create or improve wine products. Related titles lack the appropriate focus for this audience, according to reviewers, failing either to be as comprehensive on the topic of chemistry, to include chemistry as part of the broader science of wine, or targeting a less scientific audience and including social and historical information not directly pertinent to the understanding of the role of chemistry in successful wine production.</p> <p>The topics in the book have been sequenced identically with the steps of the winemaking process. Thus, the book describes the most salient compounds involved in each vinification process, their properties and their balance; also, theoretical knowledge is matched with its practical application. The primary aim is to enable the reader to identify the specific compounds behind enological properties and processes, their chemical balance and their influence on the analytical and sensory quality of wine, as well as the physical, chemical and microbiological factors that affect their evolution during the winemaking process.</p><ul><li>Organized according to the winemaking process, guiding reader clearly to application of knowledge</li><li>Describes the most salient compounds involved in each step enabling readers to identify the specific compounds behind properties and processes and effectively work with them</li><li>Provides both theoretical knowledge and practical application providing a strong starting point for further research and development</li></ul>
Espresso Coffee: The Chemistry of Quality

Brand: Academic Press   
This unique book is a must for food researchers, food technologists, and managers working in, or entering into, the coffee industry. Written by leading coffee technology specialists in consultation with some of the world's biggest coffee manufacturers, the book comprehensively covers the current status of the chemistry and technology of expresso coffee. Aspects covered include agronomy, green coffee processing, roasting / grinding, packaging, percolating and decaffination techniques. The research and development / technology community will find the appendix of analytical chemical methods an invaluable guide. With no comparable book on the market, this work updates all areas covered by the more general texts, adding new technologies, techniques and research, as well as focusing on the quality aspects of expresso. <br><br>Key Features<br>* All aspects of expresso coffee are covered including <br>* agronomy<br>* green coffee processing <br>* roasting/grinding<br>* packaging<br>* percolating techniques<br>* decaffeination techniques
Food Texture and Viscosity, Second Edition: Concept and Measurement (Food Science and Technology)

Brand: Academic Press   
Drawing together literature from a variety of fields, <b>Food Texture and Viscosity, 2E</b>, includes a brief history of this area and its basic principles. It reviews how texture and viscosity are measured, including the physical interactions between the human body and food, objective methods of texture measurements, the latest advances in texture-measuring instruments, various types of liquid flow, and more.<br><br>This revised edition contains approximately 30% new material, including two new chapters on physics and texture and the correlation between physical measurements and sensory assessments. It now includes two-color illustrations and includes a current list of equipment suppliers.<br> <br><br>* Completely revised with approximately 30% new material <br>* Includes two new chapters on physics and texture and the correlation between physical measurements and sensory assessments<br>* Provides a list of suppliers of texture-measuring equipment <br>* Features two-color illustrations and text throughout<br>* Written by an award-winning author
Marine Medicinal Foods, Volume 65: Implications and Applications: Animals and Microbes (Advances in Food and Nutrition Research)

Brand: Academic Press   
This volume on medicinal foods from the sea narrates the bioactive principles of various marine floral (vertebrate and Invertebrate), faunal (Macro and Micro algal) and microbial sources. Contributions from eminent scientists worldwide explain about the latest advance implications in the development and application of marine originated functional foods, as potential pharmaceuticals and medicines for the benefit of humankind by meeting the present nutraceutical demands.<ul><li>The latest important information for food scientists and nutritionists</li><li>Peer-reviewed articles by a panel of respected scientists</li><li>The go-to series since 1948</li></ul>
Microwaves in the Food Processing Industry (Food Science and Technology)

Brand: Academic Press   
Book annotation not available for this title.<br><b>Title: </b>Microwaves in the Food Processing Industry<br><b>Author: </b>Decareau, Robert<br><b>Publisher: </b>Academic Pr<br><b>Publication Date: </b>1985/08/28<br><b>Number of Pages: </b><br><b>Binding Type: </b>HARDCOVER<br><b>Library of Congress: </b>84028293
 Physiology and Biochemistry of the Domestic Fowl, Volume 4 (Physiology & Biochemistry of the Domestic Fowl)

Brand: Academic Press   
Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Synbiotics: Bioactive Foods in Health Promotion

Brand: Academic Press   
<p><i>Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Synbiotics: Bioactive Foods in Health Promotion</i> reviews and presents new hypotheses and conclusions on the effects of different bioactive components of probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics to prevent disease and improve the health of various populations. Experts define and support the actions of bacteria; bacteria modified bioflavonoids and prebiotic fibrous materials and vegetable compounds. A major emphasis is placed on the health-promoting activities and bioactive components of probiotic bacteria. </p><ul><li>Offers a novel focus on synbiotics, carefully designed prebiotics probiotics combinations to help design functional food and nutraceutical products</li><li>Discusses how prebiotics and probiotics are complementary and can be incorporated into food products and used as alternative medicines</li><li>Defines the variety of applications of probiotics in health and disease resistance and provides key insights into how gut flora are modified by specific food materials</li><li>Includes valuable information on how prebiotics are important sources of micro-and macronutrients that modify body functions</li></ul>
Speciality Wines, Volume 63 (Advances in Food and Nutrition Research)

Brand: Academic Press   
<p>The issue concentrates on the history and current production practices unique to the specialty wines. This includes fortified wines, such as ports, sherries, sparkling wines, and distinctive table wines, such as vin santo, botrytised, and carbonic maceration wines. </p> <br><br>*The latest important information for food scientists and nutritionists <br>*Peer-reviewed articles by a panel of respected scientists <br>*The go-to series since 1948
Whisky: Technology, Production and Marketing (Handbook of Alcoholic Beverages)

Brand: Academic Press   
<b>Whisky: Technology, Production and Marketing</b> explains in technical terms, the science and technology of producing whisky, combined with information from industry experts on successfully marketing the product. World experts in Scotch whisky provide detailed insight into whisky production from the processing of raw materials, to the fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending, production of co-products and quality testing, as well as important information on the methodology used for packaging and marketing whisky in the twenty-first century. No other book covers the entire whisky process from raw material to delivery to the market in such a comprehensive manner and with such a high level of technical detail. <br><br>* Only available work to cover the entire whisky process from raw material to delivery to the market in such a comprehensive manner<br>* Includes a chapter on marketing and selling whisky<br>* Foreword written by Alan Rutherford, former Chairman and Managing Director of United Malt and Grain Distillers Ltd.
Wine Tasting, Second Edition: A Professional Handbook (Food Science and Technology)

Brand: Academic Press   
Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook is an essential guide for any professional or serious connoisseur seeking to understand both the theory and practice of wine tasting. From techniques for assessing wine properties and quality, including physiological, psychological, and physicochemical sensory evaluation, to the latest information on types of wine, the author guides the reader to a clear and applicable understanding of the wine tasting process.<br><br>Including illustrative data and testing technique descriptions, Wine Tasting is for professional tasters, those who train tasters and those involved in designing wine tastings as well as the connoisseur seeking to maximize their perception and appreciation of wine. <br><br>Key Features:<br>* Revised and updated coverage, notably the physiology and neurology taste and odor perception.<br> * Expanded coverage of the statistical aspect of wine tasting (specific examples to show the process), qualitative wine tasting (examples for winery staff tasting their own wines; more examples for consumer groups and restaurants), tripling of the material on wine styles and types, wine language, the origins of wine quality, and food and wine combination<br> * Flow chart of wine tasting steps<br> * Flow chart of wine production procedures<br> * Practical details on wine storage and problems during and following bottle opening<br> * Examples of tasting sheets<br> * Details of errors to be avoided<br> * Procedures for training and testing sensory skill<br>
Designing Soybeans for 21st Century Markets

Brand: Academic Press and AOCS Press   Part Number: illustrations
Advances in genomics and biotechnology are enabling quantum leaps in the understanding of soybean molecular biology. The problems that face the soybean industry also are diversifying and escalating on a global scale. Designing Soybeans for 21st Century outlines current and emerging barriers in the global soybean market, principally: 1) long-term ability to sustain production to meet continued growth in demand for soybean and soybean products; 2) governmental and legislative policies; 3) global access to advances in soybean technology; and 4) customer and consumer trends in the use of soybean products. The book also addresses state-of-art steps that should help move soybeans past these market barriers as advances in genomics and genetic engineering are deployed to design soybeans and soybean products that meet the challenges of 21st century markets.<ul><li>Includes both an overview of the economic outlook of soybeans and details on the advances in soybean genetics and genomics.</li><li>Concise and well-organized book with five main sections covering everything from regulatory issues to advances in genomics to commercial production for yielding a superior product.</li><li>Edited by a global leader in the field of oilseed genetics, molecular biology and bioenergy research. </li></ul>
Tropical Foods: v. 1: Chemistry and Nutrition

Brand: Academic Press Inc   

Brand: Achatz, Grant   Part Number: 9781580089289
The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country.<br><br>A pioneer in American cuisine, chef Grant Achatz represents the best of the molecular gastronomy movement--brilliant fundamentals and exquisite taste paired with a groundbreaking approach to new techniques and equipment. ALINEA showcases Achatz's cuisine with more than 100 dishes (totaling 600 recipes) and 600 photographs presented in a deluxe volume. Three feature pieces frame the book: Michael Ruhlman considers Alinea's role in the global dining scene, Jeffrey Steingarten offers his distinctive take on dining at the restaurant, and Mark McClusky explores the role of technology in the Alinea kitchen. Buyers of the book will receive access to a website featuring video demonstrations, interviews, and an online forum that allows readers to interact with Achatz and his team. <br><br>"Achatz is something new on the national culinary landscape: a chef as ambitious as Thomas Keller who wants to make his mark not with perfection but with constant innovation . . . Get close enough to sit down and allow yourself to be teased, challenged, and coddled by Achatz's version of this kind of cooking, and you can have one of the most enjoyable culinary adventures of your life." --Corby Kummer, senior editor of Atlantic Monthly<br><br>"Someone new has entered the arena. His name is Grant Achatz, and he is redefining the American restaurant once again for an entirely new generation . . . Alinea is in perpetual motion; having eaten here once, you can't wait to come back, to see what Achatz will come up with next." --GourmetReviews & AwardsJames Beard Foundation Cookbook Award Finalist: Cooking from a professional Point of View Category  James Beard Foundation Outstanding Chef Award! "Even if your kitchen isn't equipped with a paint-stripping heat gun, thermocirculator, or refractometer, and you're only vaguely aware that chefs use siphons and foams in contemporary cooking, you can enjoy this daring cookbook from Grant Achatz of the Chicago restaurant Alinea.. . . While the recipes can hardly become part of your everday cooking, this book is far too interesting to be left on the coffee table. As you read, a question emerges: Is Alinea's food art? . . . I go a little further, describing Achatz with a word that he would probably never use to describe himself: avant-garde, as it defined art movements at the beginning of the last century--planned, self-concious, and structured attempts to provoke and shake the status quo. Just as with those artists, the results are not necessarily as interesting as the intentions and concepts behind them. In this sense, this volume constitutes a full-blown although not threatening manifesto."—Art of Eating
Cheap Eats ( " Australian Women's Weekly " )

Brand: ACP Publishing Pty Ltd   
Moroccan and the Foods of North Africa ( " Australian Women's Weekly " )

Brand: ACP Publishing Pty Ltd   
The Australian Women's Weekly Beginner's Cookbook

Brand: ACP Publishing Pty Ltd   
Eaqsy complete meals. Simple work plans. Step-by-step photographs.
Peru: The Cookbook

Brand: Acurio, Gaston   
<p><b>The definitive Peruvian cookbook, featuring 500 traditional home cooking recipes from the country’s most acclaimed and popular chef, Gastón Acurio.</b></p><p>One of the world’s most innovative and flavorful cuisines, Peruvian food has been consistently heralded by chefs and media around the world as the "next big thing." Peruvian restaurants are opening across the United States, with 20 in San Francisco alone, including Limon and La Mar.</p><p>Acurio guides cooks through the full range of Peru’s vibrant cuisine from popular classics like <i>quinoa</i> and <i>ceviche</i>, and <i>lomo saltado</i> to lesser known dishes like <i>amaranth</i> and <i>aji amarillo</i>. For the first time, audiences will be able to bring the flavors of one of the world’s most popular culinary destinations into their own kitchen.</p>
All about Coffee: A History of Coffee from the Classic Tribute to the World's Most Beloved Beverage

Brand: Adams Media   
<div><p><b>The original homage to the world's most extraordinary drink!</b></p><p>In 1922, <b>William H. Ukers</b> wrote the definitive work on coffee. As the founder of <i>The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal</i>, an industry magazine still active today, he spent seventeen years traveling the world and uncovering everything there was to know about both the bean and the beverage. From its historic roots and the drinking customs of different countries to its effects on the mind and the preparation of the perfect cup, this book captures all the rich and complex history of coffee.</p><p>Filled to the brim with robust facts, aphorisms, and more, <i>All About Coffee</i> culls the best of Ukers's research and observations sip after sip, page after page.</p></div>
All about Coffee: A History of Coffee from the Classic Tribute to the World's Most Beloved Beverage

Brand: Adams Media   
<h2>The original homage to the world's most extraordinary drink!</h2> <p>In 1922, William H. Ukers wrote the definitive work on coffee. As the founder of <i>The Tea and Coffee Trade Journal</i>, an industry magazine still active today, he spent seventeen years traveling the world and uncovering everything there was to know about both the bean and the beverage. From its historic roots and the drinking customs of different countries to its effects on the mind and the preparation of the perfect cup, this book captures all the rich and complex history of coffee.</p> <p>Filled to the brim with robust facts, aphorisms, and more, <i>All About Coffee</i> culls the best of Ukers's research and observations sip after sip, page after page.</p>
Provincetown Seafood Cookbook

Brand: Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers In   
<div><div>Acclaimed by chef Anthony Bourdain as "a witty, informative ode to local seafood, sprinkled with anecdotes," this illustrated cookbook combines mouthwatering recipes with fascinating glimpses of history and folklore. Provincetown's best-known chef recounts the development of the town's fishing fleet and offers dozens of Portuguese- and Creole-influenced recipes for Cape Cod seafood favorites.</div></div>
A Day at elbulli - Classic Edition

Brand: Adria, Ferran/ Soler, Juli/ Adria, Alber   
'A Day At ElBulli' takes an exclusive look behind the scenes of elBulli - the best restaurant in the world, created by Ferran Adria, the best chef in the world."
Asian Ice Cream for You and Your Kids

Brand: Advan Press, Inc.   
In this book, Arron Liu introduces the most popular and delicious ice cream in the Asian countries, such as China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. With over 387 colour photographs to depict every detail procedures of making ice cream, it can certainly help you to clearly understand the process and to make the most delicious ice cream successfully.
The Best of Honey Recipes

Brand: Adventure Pubns   
great little spiral book..little wear..pages are clean..good condition..Fast shipping
Best of Herman Sourdough Herald Best of the Herman Sourdough Herald 1980-1990

Brand: Adventure Pubns 1990-06-01   
Book annotation not available for this title.<br><b>Title: </b>Best of the Herman Sourdough Herald 1980-1990<br><b>Author: </b>Johanson, Dawn<br><b>Publisher: </b>Adventure Pubns<br><b>Publication Date: </b>1990/06/01<br><b>Number of Pages: </b><br><b>Binding Type: </b>PAPERBACK<br><b>Library of Congress: </b>91142231
 A Taste of Africa: The African Cookbook

Brand: Africa World Press   
Toda La Cocina - Nouvelle Cuisine (Spanish Edition)

Brand: Agata   
Rare book: Price in USD
Citrus Varieties of the World

Brand: Agscience Inc   
Citrus is the most important tree fruit crop in the world, and this book is a readable and beautifully illustrated guide to the citrus varieties available today. It gives up-to-date information about tree and fruit characteristics, origin and production of most varieties of sweet and sour orange, mandarin, grapefruit, pummel and their hybrids, in addition to lemon, lime, citron, kumquat and limequat. All the established high quality citrus varieties are included, as well as newer or little-known ones. A chapter on citrus rootstocks provides details of their main features as they affect fruit quality and other horticultural characteristics.

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